Over 7 years ago, we launched Leland Automotive Services. Are you tired of looking for a reliable mechanic… one you can trust?​

Look no further. No matter what type of car you have – economy, sports, foreign, classic – trust us. You’re in good hands.

Nothing is too simple or too advanced for us. We handle all of the automotive repairs you can think of – including standard maintenance.

Bring your Honda, Chevrolet, Toyota, BMW, and more…

When you reach out to us, ask about our fleet work!

  • Oil/Fuel Change: You have your pick between standard, synthetic, and synthetic blends! We also do anti-freeze and other fuel services.
  • Brake Repair: Don’t let your break pads wear down. Give us a call to get your brakes fixed.
  • Belt Repair: If you know it’s time to replace your belt, don’t delay. We’re here to keep you and your car safe.
  • Diagnostic Repair: We use the latest technology to diagnose your car so that we fix the problem, and not the symptom.
  • Drivetrain Work: If you have issues with your transmission, differential, or drive shaft, we’ll fix it.

You have to keep your classic cars in mint shows. Whether your car is in the garage, at a car show, or cruising on the road – the inside is just as important as the outside.​

Keep her pretty on the outside, and we’ll make sure she’s running right on the inside.

If you or a buddy are looking for a great mechanic to take care of your classic cars, stop by!

Your car is like your baby. We know you’ve paid good money to get it. It’s one of your prized possessions. 

You don’t just hand over the keys to any mechanic. You have to find a reliable mechanic who will keep your car running like brand-new. You need someone you can trust. You need us.

We service all high-end cars: BMW, Audi, and more…